Angela Merkel re-elected to the Bundestag


The German Chancellor and leader of the Christian Democratic Union, Angela Merkel, was re-elected to the Bundestag in a single-mandate constituency in the land of Mecklenburg,

According to the German Central Election Commission, in these elections, Merkel gained 44 percent of the vote, while in the past – 56.2 percent. It is noteworthy that in Mecklenburg the politician has been elected since 1990 and has not lost even once. Its lowest result was 37.6 percent (in 1998, when the CDU lost federal elections), the highest

The Chancellor of Germany has already congratulated the French President Emmanuel Macron on winning the election. “I called Angela Merkel to congratulate her, and we will continue with our determination to continue our cooperation, which is essential for Europe and for our countries,”

The elections to the Bundestag took place on 24 September. According to the latest data, the Christian Democratic Union, led by the current Chancellor Angela Merkel, is gaining 26.5% of the vote, its key partner is the Bavarian CSU – 7.9% of the vote, the Social Democratic Party of Germany – 20.8%. The right “Alternative for Germany” is gaining 11.9 percent, the Free Democratic Party – 11 percent, “Green” – 9.1 percent, “Left” – 7.9 percent.


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