Why did not Kalashnikov’s monument hit the pop singers and liberals?


However, not everyone was happy to install a monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov in the center of Moscow. The first to express his discontent was the leader of the “Machine of Time” Andrei Makarevich. In an interview with the radio station Ekho Moskvy, Makarevich called the monument “ugly” and “mediocre” and he noticed that millions of people were killed from the Kalash.

“AKM appeared after the war with the fascists. But here’s another question: where he defended the Russian border? Maybe in Afghanistan, or in Georgia, or maybe in Ukraine? “- asks Andrei Makarevich.

Probably the musician forgot that the Russian soldiers fought with the Kalashnikov rifle in Afghanistan, repelling the attacks of terrorists-Bushmans. AK-47 also participated in the battle for Tskhinval during the “Georgian campaign”. The Kalashnikov assault rifle is also held in the hands of the Donbas militia, defending its territory from the Ukrainian army.

But the musician was not pleased not only with the AK-47 but also with the monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov.

“Why such ugly this sculpture. This idol and in Soviet times would not have passed the artistic council. Why do we disgrace the whole world and disfigure Moscow, “- said Andrei Makarevich?

To which the national artist of Russia Salavat Shcherbakov answered the famous singer:


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