Russians are invited to assess the quality of admission in health facilities


The experiment will be conducted from November 2017 to December 2018. His assessment of the quality of Russian health can be left in the personal cabinet of the patient “My Health” on the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services (EPPU).

My patient’s personal cabinet began to work in March of the current year. The patient in it can find information about the number of the MHI policy, to which clinic he is attached and to call the doctor at home. In the future, when the Unified Health Information System (UHMIS) begins to operate, you will be able to see the prescribed prescriptions, information about the doctor’s appointment, the service for conducting teleconsultations and the patient’s medical records in the personal cabinet.

By April 2019, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Communications should evaluate the results of the experiment and give a report to the government.


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